Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Things, lately.

Over the last month I've done a lot.
I took a bunch of pictures of clients.
Hosted 3 showers at my house.
Made and painted some things.
Ran a half marathon.
Lost some pounds.

Ya know, stuff.

I had some good intentions about writing some posts or something. I didn't.

But here are some pictures of the stuff I would have blogged about:

I painted this painting for our mantle. (I call it "flowers.")

Made this frame.

Phom made this space-saving-beside-the-fridge-drawer for me. Thank you, Phom. Thank you, pinterest.

I put some Keurig cups in a crate that we hung on the wall (my buddy, Mary, had this genius idea) and put all the dry goods in crates on top of the fridge.

Hung that mirror and the aforementioned frame. And still loving our new table/front room.

Painted our bedside tables. SEE-YUHHHH lime green snot tables.

Found this cool "open/close" sign at an antique store. Pretty sure it's just a replica though. Thank you for my education, pawn stars. I still like it.

Annnnd repainted our coral chalkboard on the end of our cabinets. I think regular chalkboard is better. 

 Maybe I will get less busy and write some real posts. Probs not.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Something different

I've been given the sweet opportunity to photograph the pictures for a National Kidney Foundation cookbook.

It's pretty exciting, man!

This is something COMPLETELY new to me and I'm pumped to get  a lil experience in food styling/photographing.

Also, it means I get to hangout work with my buddy, Denon [whom I ADORE]. She's the freaking mastermind [and registered dietitian] behind the recipes and the baller that scored me this sweet gig.

SO fun, Y'all.

Here's a lil sneaky sneak:


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dreams really do come true [AGAIN]

About a 1.5 years ago, I wrote a post about my realized dream of having a table made out of an antique door. I was pretty confident I had the PERFECT/COOLEST dining room table. Ever. EVERRRRRR.

But then we ate on it.

Basically...there was a lot of spilled milk [both literal and figurative] and wobbly plates.

Also, it wasn't very wide. So if people were seated on either side, there was not enough room for food. We would have to serve in the kitchen first and then take it to the table. Which is fine, I guess. But it was just kinda awkward. And we talked about getting some glass to top it or even epoxy to fill it. Never really loved these ideas.

Then I started noticing this other table.

At Dillard's.
I mean... it all started out pretty innocent-- I would just glance at it when I was at the store. Glances turned to comments: "I just LOVE that table..." or "That table is so pretty..."

Things got serious fast. I started to go to Dillard's just to look at it. To visit it. You know you've got it bad for some furniture WHEN YOU START INTRODUCING YOUR FRIENDS TO IT. I'm not even ashamed.

After a little babysitting, selling some furniture I restored, selling my old iphone, and some Christmas money [plus the sweet discount P gets for working for Dillard's corporate]-- I had enough dollars. Only then did I pitch it to Phom, ya know, after I had accumulated enough extra money that it wouldn't actually "cost" us anything [out of our normal budget].

Long story long, I now am the proud owner of THE most beautiful dining room table. And the door table is the truly the PERFECT desk it's totally the pb to our newly completed pallet wall jelly.

These two spaces are really coming together. And it's REALLY inspiring/fun/comforting to live in a space you adore.

Oh and you see those parsons chairs??? They totally fell into my lap too. After Phom agreed to let me get the table-- I knew I would need some chairs. I love our white metal chairs we used with the door table, but I wasn't sure they would work with this one.

Parsons chairs always have me drooling, but those bad boys cost a PRETTY PENNY. Actually, pretty penNIES [and dollars]. The cheapest I could find them was $79. And we just couldn't do that.

Then on craigslist I found these nasty [SICKNASTY] parsons chairs-- 6 for $100. They weren't dirty. Just ugly. So I got them-- in hopes of someday being able to afford slipcovers.

Turns out, had some cream guys for $12.97. Yessir. And I had a giftcard! WHAT UP.

I could not be happier. I love it. We didn't really use that room much before and now I can't stay out of it. Neither can Olive.

What a sweet and fun thing putting together our home has been! The Lord has blessed us so very much.

I absolutely believe that our lives/selves/things are not our own, but His. And the homier our house feels, the more I want to use it to bless others. So come on over and let's eat dinner at our new table!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Completed Pallet wall.

The pallet wall is complete.
And I love it.

Def inspired me to make a lot of changes in that room [and in the rest of the house]. [As if I'm not already living-breathing-changing  everything in our house every moment]

Here she is:

I ended up white washing her. Because the yellow/gold/honey tones were a little too sharp for my liking. But, it was super easy.
One part white paint [leftover from something else], two parts water, and wipe on/off with a rag.

Subtle, but perfect and a little muted.

ANDDDD now our door table has white legs and a new job as our desk. I have some serious vision. And I have a BEAUTIFUL new dining room table. Things are really coming together.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Operation cover up creepy door.

I have left the world of nursing for a few days long enough to finally get in a few projects/blog time. Somehow I got 5 days off in a row and it was much needed. PTL.
I don't think I realized how hard/stressful/ENERGY SUCKING nursing would be. I mean... dang.

So here's the deal:

In our laundry room/office, there are three doors. A door to enter/exit the room. A door to a closet. AND a door that opens to the back of the guest room's closet. Kinda Narnia style, but not that cool. Just weird.

And it doesn't really serve a purpose. It just makes for awkward furniture placement. And crappy aesthetics.

So what do we do? Rip it off, drywall over the opening, install a pallet wall. Duh.

 Not done yet. But I'm liking where we're going.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Once upon a freaking hot holiday: A story of succulent transplants

Ok. So. I hadn't yet been concerned for global warming, until this winter. Because this winter has got me saying "I'm really sweaty" far more than I would prefer.

Come on Al Gore. Fix this crap already. 

Before all my plants die and my sweat glands go on strike.

You see, my sweet sweet friend Sarah [who is to blame can take the credit for talking me into training for the half marathon] gifted me with this delightful lil happy when I graduated nursing school [and was delivered back to the free world].

And since it has been so warm, they have been happily living outside for the past 6 months. But after the four hours it was actually cold in Arkansas this winter-- I got to thinking. What if these little beauts hate it when it flash freezes and then swelters within hours? What if they hate it so much that they die?

That would be a sad day. SAD. DAY.

But today, it occurred to me... just BRING THEM INSIDE YA DUMDUM.

Which is perfect, because about a month ago I purchased this guy from TJ MAXX and had no clue what to do with him:

I thought he looked too cool to continue life as an orphan. So he's just been chillin with no purpose or place.

Fate has a way of working these things out, you see. I realized that a ziploc plastic container could fit right inside:

So I just transplanted those lil cuties right over.

And now I have a terrarium.


Meanwhile, I have some exciting plans for the metal planter that Sarah gave them to me in. Truly the gift that has kept on giving.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas craft roundup

I haven't really had the time to decorate and craft for Christmas to my heart's full content. If it was up to me, this house would look like pinterest threw up in every room.  Seriously. I'm talking projectile vomit of Christmas cheer.

Fortunately, though, I have found the time to do a few lil projects to festive-ize our home. And they were all quick, easy, and cheap.

Mason Jar snow globes:

Apparently Anthro had some of these for sale. Ridiculous, because it is nothing more than gluing little trees onto the lid of a mason jar and sprinkling in some fake snow.

Cinnamon ornaments:

Found from pinterest. Source from here. They make the house smell SO GOOD.

Cardboard trees: 

I've seen several tutorials on pinterest. This was one. I chose to make mine with jute twine, lace, and washi tape.

Yard stick star:

We have it hanging outside on our porch. Unbelievably easy. Glue five yardsticks together, paint, and wrap in lights. Genius. Tutorial here.

Christmas light wine bottles:

I found this video on youtube. It shows you how to cut the bottom of a glass bottle off using string, acetone, and fire. IT IS FREAKING AWESOME. And totally worked. So my friend Andrea and I were able to make bottomless wine bottles and shove the lights up from the bottom. Who knew. It's kinda scary and involves large flames. But SO STINKING COOL.